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Sell my iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB

  1. Is your phone fully functional?
    Can you make and receive calls, send texts and all buttons are present and functional? Are there any software faults?
  2. Does your phone have any obvious damage?
    Damage can include cracks to glass or plastic screens, damage to LCD in the form of lines, bleeding, damaged pixels and damage to the graphics display.
  3. Could your phone be water damaged?
    Water damage can be checked by examining the indicators on your phone.

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Do you have an old iPhone 7 Plus 128GB lying around which you’d like to sell for cash? Sky Trade in can offer you great prices on a wide range of Apple products and our team are here to make sure that you get the best deal possible.

Follow the quick and easy process to trade in your iPhone 7 Plus 128GB with Sky Trade in. It couldn't be easier; just pick out your network provider from the list for an up to date valuation. If you're happy to proceed, just follow the simple steps and we’ll post out a special Sky Trade in postage pack, so can send us your phone for free. Our easy to follow instructions will be included to make it ever easier to trade in your phone.

Once we receive your iPhone 7 Plus 128GB, our Apple experts will check over it to make sure there is no damage or change to the original offer. If there is, we’ll get in touch with a new offer. If you’d like your phone back instead, we’ll post it back free of charge.